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Here we provide easy-to-understand information to facilitate a deeper understanding of Morinaga & Co., Ltd.

Corporate Philosophy

The Morinaga Group’s Corporate Philosophy is composed of Our Mission, Our Visions, and Our Commitments.
Our Mission states how the Group will contribute to society, and Our Visions comprise the five visions that we will pursue toward the future.
Our Commitments represent the values that we have developed during more than 100-year history since the founding of the Group and will continue to uphold as our firm belief for many more years to come. To describe the essence of our Corporate Philosophy in one word,it is “Delicious, Fun, and Healthy.”

Corporate Philosophy Corporate Philosophy

Introduction of Business Activities

The Morinaga Group aims to be a business that delivers value and inspires customers through our three business segments of Confectionary & Foodstuffs, Frozen Desserts, and Health. In addition, the group includes 14 companies within Japan and 7 companies overseas that are involved in the manufacture and sale of confectionaries and frozen desserts.

  • Confectionary

  • Frozen Desserts

  • Health

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2030 Business Plan
/2021 Medium-Term Business Plan

Under a new corporate philosophy, the Morinaga Group has formulated a 2030 Business Plan, a business plan for the long term up to 2030 to guide us as we forge forward contributing to the realization of a sustainable society, while at the same time ensuring medium- to long-term growth and increasing our corporate value. Through this plan, we will integrate vitally important management issues both financial and non-financial and practice sustainable management.

Our 2021 Medium-Term Business Plan, meanwhile, is for a three-year term beginning with the year ending in March 2022 and positioned as the first stage of efforts to attain the 2030 Business Plan. During this term, we will engage in business activities with ”New foundation building for big leap” as the theme. We foresee a negative long-term trend for the management environment such as raw materials price hikes and manpower cost rises, but we will invest boldly in the growth of the focus domains and the further fortification of the business foundation. At the same time, we will apply structural reforms mostly to the basic domains and the functional sectors, thereby improving the group’s earning power even further.

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